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Hello! Faulls Ridge Wine is owned and operated by us, Debbie and John Faull. 
We moved to Gloucester from Sydney in 1978 after purchasing 56 acres. We ran cattle, sheep and horses as well as pigs and chooks on our small hobby farm. We built our house from sustainable timber sourced from the area and raised four children who were all schooled in Gloucester before moving on to university and jobs in Sydney.
John was always interested in growing grapes so in 2005 he planted his first crop of Shiraz grapes. Four years later the Verdelho and Chambourcin grapes were planted. Over ten years later and we are growing more grapes than ever before. The grapes are dependent on the seasons and one year may be bountiful but the next minimal. We are so lucky to have friends and family help pick our crop (usually January-white grape and February/March-red grape). Once picked, we send our grapes to Cassegrains Winery at Port Macquarie where Alex Cassegrain, our amazing winemaker, makes our wine: a Verdelho, Rose and Chambourcin/Shiraz.

Faulls Ridge is a boutique winery open to the public but it is best to ring ahead to confirm a booking. You can taste the wine and enjoy a delicious plate of cheeses and local produce while sitting in our peaceful garden or when the weather turns cold the cellar door offers protection from the elements. On those freezing winter days, John will light the fire-pit to warm you. 

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