We grow three varieties of grapes at Faulls Ridge Wine; Verdelho (white), Chambourcin (red) and Shiraz (red).​ Pruned in winter the grapes ripen over summer and are picked in January and February every year. Depending on the season, with these three varieties we usually make a Verdelho, Chambourcin, Shiraz and a Rose.

OUR 2018 VINTAGE        


2018 Verdelho        SOLD OUT

This 2018 Verdelho has complex aromas of pear, fragrant herb, spice and lime. The palate has tropical notes with hints of honeydew with crisp acidity. This is a well-balanced wine in terms of its body and length and is extremely easy drinking.  SOLD OUT

2018 Phoenix Shiraz       SOLD OUT

This wine is an intense colour with complex aromas of plum, dark chocolate and dried herbs with a hint of black pepper and a touch of vanilla oak. The soft, delicate tannin lingers on the palate of this fruit dominant wine. The Phoenix Shiraz will age very well.  SOLD OUT


2018 Chambourcin        SOLD OUT


This lighter style of wine is a beautiful brick red colour. It has raspberry, red cherry and earthy beetroot flavours and a spicy dried herb aroma with an oak influence. The palate has soft tannin, savoury notes, is medium bodied and fruit dominant.


2018 Rose         SOLD OUT

This wine is a modern rose, with strawberry and cherry aromas and a hint of earthy characters. It has a crisp, light palate and is  an easy drinking rose. This wine can be served chilled.    


2019 Verdelho         SOLD OUT

This 2019 Verdelho is a p[ale straw-yellow colour which is bright and clear. The palate is medium bodied and very well balanced, bursting with tropical flavours of lemon, lime and watermelon with hints of spioce and herb characters which add to its crisp acidity.

2019 Thomas Joshua Chambourcin/Shiraz        SOLD OUT

Thomas Joshua Faull was born on 18th February 2019 to Joshua and Jannette. He is our fifth grandchild and we are very proud to dedicate this year’s red to him. This 2019 Chambourcin/Shiraz blend has a bright purple hue with plenty of depth in colour. The fresh red currant and subtle oak are well integrated. It is a medium bodied wine with cherry characters and a hint of forest floor.


2020 Verdelho       SOLD OUT

This 2020 Verdelho has tropical notes of rockmelon and grapefruit with hints of peach and stone fruit. The palate is medium bodied with crisp acidity but full of flavour. Drink now and enjoy!



2021 Verdelho 

This 2021 Verdelho has an aroma of stone fruit and lemon with hints of spice and passionfruit. The palate is crisp and well balanced. The taste is very fruity but still dry. Drink now and enjoy!

2021 Rose          SOLD OUT

This wine is pale rose petal in colour and to say it is beautiful is an understatement! It has strawberry and caramel aromas with a crisp, acidic and savoury fruit palate. Having spent time in an old wood barrel has aided a sensational mouthfeel.

2021 Chambourcin

This Chambourcin has a rich black cherry colour with a black pepper flavour and a hint of mocha. The fresh red fruit palate has a soft tannin with a nice oak integration giving it a touch of sweetness. It is a medium bodied and well-balanced wine.

2021 Sparkling Verdelho

Our latest venture saw us make a Sparkling from our verdelho grape in the methode traditionnelle.

This Sarkling has an aroma of stone fruit and lemon with hints of spice and passionfruit. The palate is crisp and well balanced.